Do you feel strained when you sing?

Do you want to increase your range? 

Do you yearn to belt out notes with power and ease?



I'm Clarissa, your new vocal coach.

I’m in love with all things singing.

I’m a pro session singer and a self-professed vocal geek.

I’m also a university lecturer in vocals and artist development.

I’m going to give you the skills you need to seriously up your game.

Ready to unlock your potential?


“After only a few vocal lessons with Clarissa, who is a fun and warm person with an amazing energy and a positive attitude, my voice already feels much stronger, freer and I feel like I understand a lot more about music as a language. I particularly like how Clarissa personalises my lessons and, with simple explanations and a clear structure, works towards my desired goals. She encourages me and boosts my confidence so much that after each lesson I leave thinking “nothing is impossible!” I’m really excited for her to take my skills to another level and to show me more of her insider tricks.”

— Charlotte (a novice)