The voice is truly incredible. It lives and breathes, quite literally. Unlike other instruments, we can't see ours, and so we have to learn to feel it and hear it instead. 

Singing in front of other people can be nerve wracking, so my aim is to create a warm, fun and friendly environment, where you will feel free and uninhibited to try things out and make new discoveries.

Together, we’re going to get to grips with the mechanics of singing. We’ll dig deep into anatomy and technique, so that you can effortlessly create your own sound and sing like a pro, free from strain and tension. 

Bit by bit, we’ll build your confidence and develop your artistic persona, at pace that feels right for you.

Let‘s get started!

How Can I Help?

  • Warming up

  • Vocal technique

  • Eliminating strain and tension

  • Breathing and posture

  • Pitch, tone, dynamics and vibrato

  • Ear training

  • Overcoming performance anxiety 

  • Audition preparation

  • Coaching for bands and groups

What else?

Can’t travel? No problem! Learn online from the comfort of your own home.

Want me to come to you? That can be arranged for an extra fee,

I teach contemporary styles and singing techniques (pop, rock, soul, jazz, musical theatre).

I’m fully DBS checked.