My students say...

After only a few vocal lessons with Clarissa, who is a fun and warm person with an amazing energy and a positive attitude, my voice already feels much stronger, freer and I feel like I understand a lot more about music as a language. I particularly like how Clarissa personalises my lessons and, with simple explanations and a clear structure, works towards my desired goals. She encourages me and boosts my confidence so much that after each lesson I leave thinking “nothing is impossible!” I’m really excited for her to take my skills to another level and to show me more of her insider tricks.
— Charlotte (a novice)
Clarissa is a great teacher. As a complete beginner, I felt uneasy with the idea of singing in front of someone else. However, she made me feel very comfortable. Her encouragement and positivity made it an enjoyable experience, and as a result, the techniques and skills she shared have stuck with me.
— Pedram (musician)
Clarissa is one cool girl and has a really natural approach to her teaching style. I leave every session feeling positive.
— Ali (music producer/ label owner)
I had a group vocal lesson with Clarissa and it was not just fun but really, really useful. I have been singing backing vocals for a long time (with no formal training of any sort) and after just a couple of hours I could notice (and improve) so many things about my singing, breathing and blending in with the other members of the band. Would recommend it to everyone and I’m sure I will be having some more lessons with her very soon!
— Pablo (musician)
Thank you so much for the lessons, it’s been great fun! The lessons helped me loads for my auditions and I would definitely book in with you again as I not only get technical help, but it’s also nice psychologically to go through them properly before the audition... I’d like to continue, especially get some experience with a mic and hopefully record some stuff.

You are a great teacher and you create a relaxed, fun atmosphere in the room which makes the sometimes awkward task of singing very enjoyable. I’ve learnt a lot!
— Finlay (actor)
I was quite amazed at how much progress we made in a single session - not only did Clarissa quickly help us all correct a few technical/physical mistakes, but she taught us to properly listen to each other and work as a group. Our backing vocals were unrecognisable by the next gig!
— John (musician)
The workshop I had with Clarissa was the most informing, relaxed and beneficial vocal class I’ve experienced. She taught the group (a bunch of session guys who just happened to have mics put in front of them) to sing as a unit and listen to each other. Other than being a totally professional coach, she was also a great laugh and put everyone at ease immediately! I will always recommend Clarissa in the future.
— Tad (musician)
In August, you helped me and the band warm up for our last ever gig. It was a very special and strange night for us as I think you were aware, and it was really important that we sang and performed well. I think the vocal warm up you gave us was pivotal to the performance we gave, and I truly don’t believe I have felt so comfortable and prepared before a gig in my whole life, despite the nerve-wracking circumstances. And that is all thanks to you and how patient you were in teaching us the exercises. I hope that your coaching and teaching business is thriving, as it deserves to.
— George (musician)